A downloadable experience for Windows

Firehands allows you to experience the magic of having fire coming straight out of your hands. Using high-end DX11 shader technology for fire and smoke simulation, it comes as close as possible to the real thing.

Both the Desktop and Oculus version allow you to play with fire, but the immersion is even better with the Headmount. In VR, your hands will block the fire visually (using a custom depth shader), which tricks the mind into believing what it sees... FIRE COMING FROM YOUR HANDS.

Oh, did I mention you can stop time by clapping your hands? That allows you to view the fire from all sides, rotate and move it with your hands grabbing the space. Just clap again to continue burning everything.

Oculus VR video of Firehands

Desktop video of Firehands

Install instructions

One download is a standard desktop version, the other one requires Oculus + VR Mount.


firehands.zip 17 MB
firehands_oculusVR.zip 17 MB