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Herbst // Autumn

An exploration game to find your inner child,
by Felix, Minh & Mira Ly. 

All sound effects and level graphics are created by my daughter Mira Ly, 17 months old as of today. Obviosly she also contributed hugely to the gameplay idea by showing us again how much fun collecting chestnuts can be. Her first game jam!

Entry for the void Start() { Play( GameJam(); 2018.


Should be played with two XBox controllers.

Alternatively, use your keyboard:

  1. Player // WASD QER SPACE
  2. Player // ARROWS JKL I

Creation // Generative Levels

The levels are generated directly from Mira's sketches. Each level features a unique color scheme and forest distribution.  All sketches were of course created during the jam.

Color, shape and density are used to populate the forests.

Seven different forest types are available, different every time you play.

Exploration // Child's Play

Childs are really good at something most adults lack: they can find meaning without external constraints, time pressure or competetive rules. Our goal was to bring some of this feeling – if possible – into a digital world. Go ahead, collect chestnuts with your parents. It's all you need to be happy.

Deconstruction // Forkbomb

Whenever you collect  a chestnut, three new ones fall down. This ends up looking like this: 


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This was a short, but fun little game with the world generating from crayon doodles being a creative touch. The peaceful and smoothly flowing music also worked well for the overall tone of the game and made it feel like a ballet at times when running around.

Good job, devs and baby.

This looks super fun! Any chance of a Linux (and Mac) build?

In case you're using Unity, this is how you export it for Linux :) :


good game 9/10 why 9/10 becouse it is not perfect