A downloadable art space experience for Windows

Iterazer is a tool to play with complexity and create intricate sculptures in space with very intuitive and simple controls.

This version works on Windows with Oculus Rift runtime 0.7 and Leap Motion.

  • there is a tutorial - if it isn't shown, please press "T".
  • with one hand, you can grab and move around the Transform Spheres to change the structure.
  • with both hands, you can grab and navigate through space in all directions.
  • making a Thumbs Up! gesture saves the current image - both as screenshot as well as 360 panoramic left/right eye images.
  • making a Thumbs Down! gesture creates a new random structure.

Pro Tip: You can export hi-res 360° panoramic images directly from the app, both for the left and right eye (thumbs up gesture). They get saved to "Users/<Name>/Pictures/Iterazer VR". See the gif on the picture gallery.

Technical details

The fractal is created using DX11 compute shaders and instanced drawing, to allow for the massive amount of meshes on the screen.

Thoughts on the interaction model

I deliberately didn't use Image Hands, because I think that in abstract worlds an abstract metaphor for hands and interaction makes much more sense, and also doesn't hide so much screen space (it's for the art!).

Opposite to many demos that require "touching" of objects to manipulate them, Iterazer uses something that is more similar to telekinesis - allowing to manipulate objects regardless of their size or distance.

The moment the hand grabs an object, it moves from its original place depending on hand movement - allowing for very fine motion controls, as that hand-object mapping does not need to be one-to-one. Also, the user immediately sees what he is controlling and how, as the "hand circle" moves to the target object for the duration of interaction.

Future development

  • improve gesture detection (takes a bit of trial and error right now)
  • make transform helpers more visible
  • make panorama upload for easy distribution and viewing.

Install instructions

This version works on Windows with Oculus Rift runtime 0.7 and Leap Motion. Please, make sure that at least the Rift runtime 0.7 is installed.


Iterazer VR.zip 22 MB


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so this game has one zip file running on no OSes? how is it supposed to work? pdf to print out and burn to get the glowing particles? please, fix your specs 0.o

Hi, thanks for letting me know that you are confused by that. Oculus apps only work on Windows, and the windows executable is of course contained in the ZIP, that's why I assumed it was clear (and I really had missed the Windows checkbox for the download file).

well, oculus works just as well on lin and mac, you just don't get their fancy sdk